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Crayola Factory

I recently took a trip with my preschool age daughter to the Crayola Factory in Easton, PA.. We had such an enjoyable day. 

There are all kinds of stations to stop at to do different kinds of projects.  There is a coloring station and a tracing station where you can trace and cut out shapes to make a picture.  We were there during the dinosaur theme weeks and they had dinosaur and dinosaur eggs to trace and cut out and then paste onto a piece of construction paper. 

Another station was paint stamping to make a cover for a book.  After they were done with the stamping there is a drying machine to dry your projects so you can take it right home with you.  The kids love watching their projects go down the conveyor belt and coming out on the other side. 

One of our favorite stations was the painting with crayons station.  There were several tall crayon shaped stations with bowls of melted crayon in it.  We painted all sorts of creations with the melted crayons.

When we arrived we were given 3 tokens each, which we could trade in for a marker, a box of crayons or some model magic.  We used 2 tokens for markers and the rest on model magic which also had a station to make all kinds of crafts.

I highly recommend going there during the week during the school year.  I have heard that it gets extremely crowded during the summer making it difficult to find a place at the tables to do your crafts. 

There is parking across the street in the parking garage and a McDonalds right there in the building.   If you have time there is also the National Canal Museum upstairs from the factory.

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