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Create a Baby Faces Book

Children love to look at other babies. When my daughter started “reading” my parenting magazines and ripping out pages because she was so intent on a picture, I figured out it was time for her to have her own magazine too. Besides the joy of just looking, we’d talk about how the children were feeling or what they were doing. Try to get photos of all kinds of children, with different ethnic backgrounds and abilities.

Supplies: pictures of babies and children cut out of magazines, showing different expressions (happy, sad) and activities (eating, sleeping, playing); white 8.5 x 11” paper; glue; top-load plastic sheet protectors (such as Avery PV119ED) or self-laminating sheets; a ring from a keyring.

How-to: Some children’s clothing ads work as stand-alone pages for your “magazine”; others you have to turn into a collage, gluing smaller pictures to the paper. When you’ve got enough pages together, (say, at least 10), start inserting them in the sheet protectors, making sure that you have pictures on both sides inside the sheet protector. In the top hole of the sheet protector, insert the ring so you can flip through the pages. If you are laminating your book instead, you need to use a paper punch to punch a hole near the top left corner to insert ring.

Variations: After many months of reading her magazine almost daily, we worked together to add new pictures. Using sheet protectors makes this a recyclable project that can work for years. You can do themes such as animals or foods or favorite characters. 

Teresa B.
I work with Toddlers and this is a great idea to do with their own pictures. They love looking at themselves.
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