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Create a Personalized "Stress in '09' Calendar...

Our fast paced lives often keep us so busy with the things we absolutely "have to do," that it's almost impossible to remember important dates such as birthdays, anniversaries, etc.

With the best of intentions an important date can slip by, and soon we find ourselves in hot water with someone we care about!

This is how it is with those who are naturally forgetful. This is how it is with those who also have too much on their plate. With few exceptions, this is how it is with most all of us!

One of the most thoughtful gifts you can give to anyone is that of helping relieve the unwanted personal stress resulting from forgetting a special event in the life of a loved one. 

Creating a Stress Less in 2009 Calendar can go a long way in eliminating the embarrassment of forgetting such important personal dates.    

Every online photo company, neighborhood printing company, and many computer programs offer simple and attractive ways to make your own personalized calendar.  Or you can purchase software that allows you to make calendars. 

                      (I used Microsoft Publisher as my photo sample for this article.)

Here are some basic steps to consider:  

1)  Creating a Calendar for Family Members?  Begin by asking the person in your family who is most likely to keep up with all the important dates of the family?  Ask that relative to help you by giving you a list of each family member’s name, their birthday and anniversary.   

You might also want to ask for email and/or postal addresses if they have them as well. You could create a blank page at the end of your calendar for these addresses. 

Creating a Calendar for Personal Use Only?  Do the same as if you were creating your calendar for the family, but also collect the same information for friends that are important to you.  

This can be done by sending out a blanket email to each friend who has an internet address.  Or, just as with the family member who is good at keeping up with personal family information, consider which friend might have this information for the friends you both share.  

2)  Organizing Data: Make a single folder for your desk drawer or in a computer folder.  Give it a general name such as…FAMILY DATES, etc. 

As you begin collecting your information, place each new name and important date in the same folder to begin with so that you will have all your information together and not scattered all over.   

Once you have received the important dates of all the people you plan to add to your Stress Less in 09 Calendar, you may want to start putting them in order by month and day. 

3)  Photos:  A nice personal touch is to choose photos for each month that carry significance for you, your family members, or friends. 

Choose meaningful photos of places you have been, old family photos in general, perhaps several photos of individuals who are celebrating their special event in that particular month,…sky's the limit! 

If you want to use photos that are not in digital format, take them to any store that has a photo scanner and they can create a digital format for you to download into your computer. 

4)  Choosing your Template or Publisher: Once you have collected all your dates you will need a computer.  If using a publishing web site you will need internet access.

There are many publishing web sites to choose from that will allow you to upload pictures, and add notes on specific calendar dates.  Here are a few online sites that I have worked with:,,,,, and

Spend a little time checking out these and other calendar publishing sites.   Be sure your final template of choice is one that will allow you to type in your important dates and names on the specific days of the calendar. 

5)  When to Give Your Gift:  If you have decided to give a Less Stress in 09 Calendar as a gift, be sure to do so as early as possible to lessen their chance of missing out on all the important dates of this year.  

Consider giving one as a birthday gift this year with the a second one as a Christmas gift next December.  

Though a seemingly small gift to give, speaking as one who is terrible at remembering important family dates, I cannot stress enough how appreciative I would be at being given such a remarkably thoughtful gift!  

Alas, no one has made one for me, so I am making one for myself this year!  What about you?  Why not take a little pressure off yourself and others. 

Don't keep the Stress Less in 09 Calendar antidote a secret. Share it with family and friends!

Your personalized Stress Less in 09 Calendar, will be a unique gift that is sure to be appreciated and cherished long after its usefulness has long passed.  You may even decide to make giving this gift an annual event!  

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