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Create Arrangements with Fall Flowers

For creating a harvest arrangement, you should select flowers in vibrant colors, varying shapes and use natural filler flowers. First, take some time and explore the many varieties of flowers popular during the fall months. To get fall flowers, visit the florist, supermarket, farm stand or your own backyard.

Fall Flower Suggestions:

Daisy mums: fall colors

Mums: yellow, brown family, orange

Tulips: orange, red, or variegated


Freesia: yellow, red, white

Button mums: orange and yellow

Tiger lilies: orange

Statice: purple and yellow

 Filler stems:

Oak leaves on branches

Wheat stems

Branches: dogwood, natural, curly willow

Greens: leather fern

 How to Arrange the Flowers in a Vase:

Use a vase, container or other harvest-style holder for your floral display. You can buy inexpensive containers and decorate them with raffia or festive ribbons. Simply adhere the raffia or ribbon with a hot glue gun around the thickest part of the container.

To put together your fresh cut arrangement, start forming a loose bouquet of fresh flowers. (Be sure the stems are at least half the height of the vase.) As you create your bouquet, add filler stems in between the fresh flowers such as branches and oak leaves. Try and keep the top of the bouquet balanced in regard to the color and the size of the blooms. For the final touch, add greens to the outside of bouquet right before inserting the flowers into the water-filled vase. 

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