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Creative Family Calendars: Organize Your Family's...

Do you have ten different calendars going for your family? We have a ton of different calendars going: work (2), school (2), soccer, brownies, birthdays, holidays, and more.

I've found a few great wall and desk calendars that can help your family get organized. Some folks like a big wall calendar to put in the kitchen, others a desk calendar with lots of space to write - take a look at them all!

Wall Calendars:

  • Mom's Family Calendar by Sandra Boynton : This calendar covers sixteen months beginning in September. And the format is pure genius: The oversized grid is laid out on a vertical, with five columns across the top (one for each family member) and the days of the month reading down the left side. It's easy to see who's doing what, and when they're doing it, with just a glance. Includes 500 stickers and a handy write-on, wipe-off magnetic phone list for the fridge.
  • The Thinkbin Family Calendar : a unique time of day grid (with special sections for morning, afternoon, and evening activities) to make it easy to record the whole family's schedule chronologically in one day block. The Large edition (17 x 24 when opened) features 10 lines of writing space per day so everything stays neat and readable. There are sections each month for recording important "To Do" lists and "Reminders."
  • Mom's Plan-It Organizer Calendar : 17 month calendar, tracks up to 5 family members, sections for contacts and tons of stickers. Magnetic holder for fridge.
Desk Planners:
  • Mom's Family Calendar by Peter Pauper Press. An 18-month weekly planner with columns for every family member, each 2-page spread reveals the master plan for the week. Features include: tabbed months, elastic band place holder, address pages, and tear-out To Do lists.
  • BusyBodyBook : 5 columns to organize and coordinate up to 5 individual family members, side by side

Web Calendars:

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