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Creative Origami Ideas for Kids

For years I've dabbled on and off in origami. This website has some great simple origami projects, especially for the holidays. The dollar bill Thanksgiving Origami Turkey is easy to make and will make a nice table setting for my grandchildren this upcoming holiday.

Holiday Origami Ideas

There are some cutouts of a boy and girl pilgrim and they might be a lot of fun for your children to help create to add a festive look to the table. Or just have them make the pilgrim's hat.

Origami Bookmarks

These ideas are not just for the holidays. These creative origami bookmarks from our friends at Cup of Toast are super cute and can be done in just about any theme that you want.

Origami Animals

You can also find information about how to make all kinds of fun origami animals such as Poison Dart Frogs, Green Sea turtles and the Surinam Toad. In fact, they even have a video of the toad giving birth.

While not all of the animals have an origami project, there are still plenty to choose from, such as a sea otter and humpback whale. They give a fantastic overview on dogs filled with interesting information such as the Ancient Chinese carried Pekingese puppies in the sleeves of their robes. The overview of cats is not as extensive, but still very interesting.

The site also lists many links to related topics such as an animal diversity site, or the different kinds of celebrations all around the world where I learned that while we are celebrating Thanksgiving this November, in Japan they will be celebrating Tori-No-Ichi, dedicated to the great bird.

Of course, one of my favorites is a very understandable overview of the Aurora Borealis, what it is, what causes it, and they accompany this with a time lapse video from the International Space Station.

The site worked fine for me too. Hmmm... Thanks so much John P. This site is a lot of fun and my daughter loves it.
John P.
Dan, I just clicked on the origami turkey and printed it out. No registration, no fee. Not sure what's going on.
Dan E.
Dan sorry, clicking on the larger picture, you still don't get the option to print. Appears you have to "Open an Account" for a fee. Terrible
I can't print, either. I can print the image(s) all separately, and then I can copy and paste the directions into my word processing document (which happens to be word pad).
John P.
Hi Ellen, In order to print you first have to click on the image itself. For example, click on the link for Turkey Origami. Then click on the image of the cutout. That will then appear in a separate page that you can print out. Hope this helps.
Ellen G.
Am not able to print off of this site.
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