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For an end of the year gift for my daughter's preschool teacher's, I wanted to give them something meaningful and unique. However this idea could be used for anyone.  I started talking to my daughter about the school year and asked her about her favorite things such as toy, activity, funny thing about each of her teachers, what she disliked about school, her favorite visitor that came to the school etc. 

The answers were hilarious so I wrote everything down (the questions and her answers word for word) and whether her answers made sense or not, I still kept it the way she told me.  This became my Q & A session with my daughter and I knew her teachers would get a kick out of hearing about her thoughts.  I bought a small, decorative photo album for each teacher and in the beginning of it, I included pictures that I had taken of my daughter on her first day of school, photos of her doing school projects at home and from all of the holiday parties at the school (parents were invited to attend) along with a caption for each photo. 

Then I typed up the Q & A and added some cute graphics to make it look pretty.  My daughter drew some pictures to include in the album and I ended it with a letter to the teachers from my husband and I with our thoughts and thanks for their hard work.  The end result was a very personalized gift and both teachers told me that it was one of their favorite gifts because it was thoughtful and was something that they have never recieved before. 

This could certainly be done for anyone since kids always have something funny to say about everyone -  grandparents would love this.  Just get creative and you will probably laugh at wht your child tells you (at least I did).  

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