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Cupcake Paper Liners Can Be Fun

You know those multi-colored paper cupcake liners can be used for more than just baking cupcakes.  Here is what my two girls use them for:

1) Building a castle or a small town for their dolls.

2) As beds for their Polly Pockets or to organize the small Polly Pocket items or to hold tiny Barbie shoes.

3) Separating by colors and making a game out of it.

4) To hold snacks.

5) To organize their barrettes, elastics, bobby pins.

6) Take an eye dropper or unused medicine dropper filled with colored water and put drops of water in the center to make a design.

7) As hats for their dolls.

8) Boys can use it to set up a barrier wall for their matchbox cars then knock it down with the cars.  Less noise than blocks.

I'm sure there are more uses that my girls have thought of but I just haven't noticed yet.

As a new stay-at-home, well maybe I'm graduating to next level now that it has been a year, I'm learning all these helpful crafts. Thank for the tip!
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