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Cut Down on Laundry Time

Everyone tells you "a baby brings laundry" and they couldn't be more true!  Here are a few tricks I have come up with to cut down on our family Laundry time.  First, (and this might seem simple) have your baby wear a bib.  My daughter wore a bib with every bottle she was fed and now at 19 months she is still (agreeably) wearing a bib.  When they start eating food, the plastic coated ones with a pocket are great.  You can just wipe them down or rinse them off and only launder once or twice a week.  Second, always have a Tide pen on you - if you haven't tried one yet, run out and get one, they are great.  They work best on berry stains and that alone is worth having one.  Third, wash baby's socks in a lingerie bag - they won't get lost this way and they are easy to match.  Fourth, put some detergent in a squeeze bottle and keep a toothbrush by the laundry area - some stains require a little elbow grease.  Lastly, use hangers, lots and lots of hangers.  My daughter now likes to pick out her clothes and the idea of her rummaging through nicely folded clothes in a drawer, well, it scared me. :)  Now she either gets lifted up so she can go through her closet or I'll just pull out some choices for her to pick from - the ones she doesn't pick get hung right back up.

Angela L.
You can buy double rod with second bar hanging low for the little one, then she can be fully independent and you won't have to lift her to pick the clothes.
Monica S.
I love OxiClean too. But I always soak it in a mixture of 1 scoop per gallon of hot water for the full 6 hours then wash it. Don't bother "adding a scoop to every load" of laundry because that won't do anything. I soaked a baby dress someone handed down with a stain on it that was 3 years old and it came out.
Lori C.
Great ideas! I would also say that having OxyClean is a mother's answer to her prayers. Get the stain wet, add some OxyClean and then rub it in well. Then put a little more OxyClean in a bowl and add water and then put the stained item in there to get extra treatment. Most stains will be gone. Just be sure to use COLD water if it's a blood stain...don't ask!
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