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Dave Ramsey's Drive Free No More Car Payment Plan...

Are you tired of having a car payment? I have been for years always thought I would need a car loan. I bought my last car free and clear-it wasn’t brand new but only 3-4 years old.  I paid cash and I was so excited to not have a monthly car payment.  I do plan on driving this car for atleast 10 years or more.   I am putting in several hundred dollars a month to pay for my husbands’  next car which should be in a few years. I plan on pay cashing for all of our cars going forward.

So how do you get to this place-well I try to follow Dave Ramsey’s Drive free philosophy.   Dave Ramsey is a financial guru that has a 6 step process to get you out of debt! It is a great plan.  His Drive Free philosophy is only one small portion

What if you decided to stop messing with car payments?

 What if you invested that old car payment every month instead of giving it away to the bank?

What if we showed you a six-year plan that would put you in free cars for the rest of your life?

Check out the video Dave Ramsey drive free  

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