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Decorate Your Home with Pinecones

Deck the Halls with Nature's Wondrous Pinecones
Even on a tight budget, there's room for adding style and flair to your home for the holidays. Turn your home into a winter wonderland by inviting pinecones inside.

Create a Pinecone Christmas Tree
Craft a pinecone tree by attaching them to cone-shaped floral foam. You can go as big as you like, or keep is small and dainty. (Craft stores sell floral foam in many shapes and sizes.)  

  • Anchor the foam base in a container with floral adhesive or a hot glue gun
  • Wire the cones onto 2-inch wooden floral picks. (Or attach the cones to the foam with a hot glue gun.)
  • Insert picks downward into the foam, starting at the bottom with the largest cones and working to the top with the smaller ones.
  • Hide the foam by placing moss between the pinecones
  • String lights and garland around the pinecone tree for\r a festive holiday display

Pinecone Arrangements and Centerpieces
   Fill three clear, cylindrical vases with pinecones. Use various shapes and sizes of pinecones to lend interest to the displays.
   Make a pinecone topiary from a single, large pinecone. Place it in one of your favorite pedestal containers; set a pair on either side of a mantle or sideboard.
  Spray-paint pinecones in glittery colors such as silver or gold and place in a decorative bowl.
Pinecone Ornaments, Wrapping & Storage
Dip a pinecone in glue and sprinkle with red, green, silver or gold glitter. Tie a ribbon around the top of the pinecone and hang on the tree. Gilded or plain pinecones make for splendid ornaments, too.
  Enhance your gift wrapping with pinecone decorated ribbons. Tie the cones, with thin string or floral wire, onto velvet or holiday ribbon, and then wrap around gifts.
  Store your pinecone ornaments in an egg crate, or in large, Ziploc bags.

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