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Designer Fireplace Logs for Decor

Designer Fireplace Logs are unique, one-of-a-kind decorations for any home that has a fireplace.  While some only bring out the "portable" fireplaces during the Christmas season because of the warm weather in their region, these logs are a great addition to any basket sitting beside the fireplace, or simply sitting on the hearth.  They make extraordinarily nice gifts as well.This is a project that will catch the eye of most of your friends and your family will love them.  The steps are easy and you can make these yourself. 

1) Begin by collecting either very small logs...or large fallen branches of a tree and keep them in a dry place until they are completely dry and no longer green inside. 

2) Decide what you want to be your "theme" and the colors you want to use.  (I.e. Do you want to match the decor of your living room or den?  Do you want a holiday theme?  What about a favorite sports team theme?) 

3) Choose two or three main colors, and purchase inexpensive poster paints from most any store.  Or, if you have any leftover paint in the garage from an earlier project, you might use it.  Choose a nice paint brush that best fits the size of your chosen logs.  For those who are natural artists, select a few small brushes to paint designs.  For those who are not artistically inclined, start collecting things like, small chains, narrow rope or ribbon, buttons, broken pieces of jewelry, or perhaps some special stick-ons that pertain to your theme.

4) Begin painting your logs with your three colors.  You might want one log to have two colors on each end and the middle a different color.  Or...if you have 6 logs you might want two one color, two another color and the third color on the last two.  Mix them up so each one is unique!  Once they are dry, wind thin wire, a simple chain, or color coordinated twine, etc. around a log and see how you like it.  Add a few silver sequin stars, or dip an eraser on the end of a pencil into different color paint and begin dotting parts of your log for accent.  Get creative!  Sky's the limit!

5) If you'd like, you might want to put a protective coating over the log once you have finished.  I did not do this though and they were just fine for several years. Sit them out either in a basket or on the hearth by themselves.  They look great and are sure to draw the attention of visitors!

Special Notes:  These make great gifts and/or fundraising ideas for ball teams!  They can be painted either with, or without the bark.

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