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Disney Epic Mickey Video Game for the Nintendo...

Disney Epic Mickey is a MUST-HAVE for kids or adults who love Disney. This is a action-packed adventure where Mickey’s on a quest to become the worldwide favorite he is today. On the way, he travels through the Wasteland, a Disney version of “The Island of Lost Toys” from Rankin Bass - Rudolph. Wasteland is the home of forgotten Disney creations. Using paint and paint thinner, he gets to work on the some of the other Disney creations that weren’t so successful, like the ruler of Wasteland, Oswald the Lucky Rabbit. Collecting pins, hidden treasures, and accomplishing specific missions along the way build logically, but not too easily towards the final battle, so the chances of a player getting lost in a dull dead end are basically nonexistent. It hasn’t happened to me yet anyway.

The player affects his world differently with each choice or action made and live with the consequences for that particular game. Kids might be tempted to use the nuclear option and just paint-thinner everything out of existence. Remember consequences? Now the characters erased with paint thinner can’t be an ally later as Mickey’s endgame becomes apparent. This is really unique, since the game experience, going forward, is different with each decision. This one is tough to get bored with. 

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