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Disney Tangled Birthday Party Ideas

Disney’s new movie Tangled was released in Nov 2010.   It is  modern twist on the traditional Rapunzel fairytale that we all grew up with – one with a modern twist With all of Rapunzel’s lush blonde hair, it inspired me to think of the movie as not only a fabulous holiday movie outing, but a party to inspire loads of fun around hair!  So, if your little girl  loves the story of Rapunzel and loves to style hair, this may be a great movie to inspire a Tangled birthday party.

Some ideas for a birthday party activities include

  • Make your own Castle
  • Design your own Flynn Wanted Poster
  • Make princess cookies
  • Jewellery Scavenger Hunt - Give the guests a slip of paper that has pictures of all the items Rapunzel needs to find and return. For example, find a tiara, a necklace, a heart pendent, a pink ring and a purple bracelet.
  • Pass the Tiara - Play like hot potato
  • Pin the hair on Rapunzel similar to pin the tail on the donkey

You can find ideas on party invitations, party favors and even Tangle party food ideas at  Tangled Birthday Party

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