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Do You Agree? Dads Don't Always Think Like Moms...

Try this. Search 'parenting' in any search engine and you'll be surprised to see that almost all the results featuring websites created for moms. Not only is the shortage of good information on dads frustrating, but also the status quo for dad sites is not the same. The fact is that most parenting websites conveniently ignore dads. Feeding this is the stereotype that dads are always "away, earning the bread" while moms play the all-important role of nurturing kids. Thankfully, with changing times, terms like 'stay-at-home-dad', 'gay dad', 'single dad' don't attract puzzled stares that would have been the case just a few decades back.

When I started my parenting journey 8 years ago there wasn't even anything out there for moms, let alone dads. I remember one website catering to pregnant moms. There was so little out there for moms that I actually published a mommy tip book a few years back. Times have changed and for the good!!! :) I enjoy all the dads I see - you guys rock!
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