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Do Your Kids Fly First Class?

This article exposes how some people feel about kids sitting in First Class seats on airplanes.  It's juicy!  I've been flying for a long time with my kids and I must say, they behave better than some adults over the years.  I think we all need to just use common sense here, and some respect for everyone involved.  Great topic and food for thought.

Erin D.
I have 2 toddlers 2.5 and 4 and I have not flown with them yet but they are just unpredictable. It does not have to do with my "poor parenting skills", or the fact that they are "brats" (for the most part they are not), it has to do with the fact that they are toddlers. Of course I would do what I could to keep them calm, and I would feel terrible for any passengers who were bothered by any bad behaivor they might exhibit and do what I could to make ammends. But I think at least for their 1st flight, I probably would not do first class.
Savita D.
I am so sick of articles arguing about whether kids should be taken out to eat to restaurants, or fly first class. Kids are part of the society and if someone can not deal with them, they should go live in a cave and never come out.
Jennifer M.
My kids fly first class most of the time. I say, I paid for a lot for those tickets and I deserve the seat. Kids are going to be kids and adults are going to be adults. What is worse, an adult who gets all those free drinks and becomes loud and drunk or the kids who sits there and watches the tv?
I just knew for sure you would agree with me!
I'm with you Jesmom! I thought this article is interesting because there seems to be a weird stigma with kids and planes! Who knows - I'm just happy that I can fly and my kids are pretty content. Thanks for the comment.
Interesting article, BUT, did you catch the Benadryl reference? I am horrified by parents who give their kids unnecessary medication for the parents' convenience. This is a little thing called drug misuse, a type of drug abuse. I would argue that it is also a type of child abuse. Horrible!!
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