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Don't Touch That Dial for Summer Cooking

When you hear the term "raw food" what are you thinking?  How do we cook it?  Or do you see a communal kitchen full of moms and dads in Birkenstocks with glass jars of bulk foods all along the handmade wooden countertops?  Whatever you see, it shouldn't be smoke, flames or fire.  It is way to hazy, hot and humid for that.  

Whatever preconceptions you have about raw food and who is eating it, set it aside so that you can keep your cool.  I am not a fan of heat nor am I a huge fan of  overly "airconditioned" environments so I have two options:  1) Pack the kids up and head to Whole Foods, the mall or some other restaurant I've been meaning to try that will not mind having mom plus 2 as their guest for the evening.  2)  No cook supper.  We do both.

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