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Dot-to-Dot Puzzle Maker: Picture Dots

If your kids like dot-to-dot puzzles, check out Picture Dots.  You find a picture on the web and then make a dot to dot puzzle for it.  Use your kids' favorite characters or even pictures of themselves and make dot to dots of them!  Really fun.

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Sandra M.
DO NOT CLICK on the free PDF downloader. It contains a keystroke sender. We did it and had to remove it, thankfully Norton found it before it activated. I sent an email to Family Zip warning them of the viral attachment to the PDF program but I see it here again. The programs it is attached to look cute but you have been warned!
Jackie M.
Can't open this file - IE message says cannot be found? Please help. I have a nail, hammer and soft bench set for my son's Occupational Therapy. This site would be a big help in making dot to dot pictures he could nail for his Therapy sessions. I was thinking I could MAKE new pics to keep him "nailing" :) so if you could send the link I would appreciate it. Thank you.
Karen R.
I ♥ the dot to dot picture maker
Joe T.
This site has some comments inappropriate for kids
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