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Dream Dinners - Assemble Your Family's Meals...Quick...

I finally tried Dream Dinners.  For those of you that are not familiar with Dream Dinners, Super Suppers, etc., here is the low-down...

Dream Dinners is a franchise business with many locations where you can go to assemble meals that you then store in your freezer at home. First you need to call or go online to make your reservation and select you meals.  Check out their menu.  When I went, I made BBQ Pulled Pork Sandwiches, Chicken Mirabella, and Moroccan Chicken with Pumpkin (each entree is to serve six).  On the day of your session you bring a cooler to the location.  The personnel sets you up with everything else.  You go to a station and fill a pan or Ziploc bag with all the ingredients that the recipe states.  All of the vegetables are chopped and the proper measuring spoons or cups are in the proper ingredient container so it's pretty hard to mess up.  The place is super clean and they are sticklers for proper food handling.  The prices are reasonable, especially considering that you save time by not shopping and not chopping!  Oh, the best part, assembling the meals takes less than an hour!

At home you follow the simple recipe cards to finish the meal.  Some require sauteing the meat and heating the sauce, while other selections you just pop into the oven.

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