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Dry skin care

try adding a small amount of vaseline bath and body oil to your favorite lotion or prescription skin cream such as triamcinolone. This combination has worked wonders for very dry problem skin including extreme case of excema.

Freda S.
I totally concur with Kellie.... Vaseline/mineral oil based products create only a top layer of softness or "grease"...think about chapstick. You basically eat it off your lips since it never absorbs. Great to protect lips from the wind. Arbonne has incredible health and wellness products with no mineral oil. Contact me for a free sample/
That's why Johnson Baby mineral oil doesn't work well in winter
Kelley B.
Oh my goodness, I couldn't let this go untouched. Did you know that mineral oil (the substance found in Vaseline) is molecularly too large to penetrate the skin? It sits on top of the skin, forming a liquid saran wrap on the skin. Why is this undesireable? Well, your skin is a filter, it needs to breathe in oxygen and let out toxins. It cannot do either if it is blocked by mineral oil. Mineral oil is great at keeping any moisture from escaping but if dry skin is the problem, you need to add moisture to it and mineral oil cannot do this! There are products that can help with dry skin and excema much more effectively than mineral oil!!!!
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