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Easing New School Anxiety

My daughter just started kindergarten at the "big kid" school which goes from K-5th grade. Not only is she at the larger elementary school but she is taking the school bus to and from school (yeah big change).  Plus she only knows one kid in her class so it was a big adjustment.  Even though we have gone to the orientations and spent time at her school in her classroom prior to the start of school, I wanted to make sure that she had something to help make her feel secure if she began having any anxiety or got nervous while she was there.  I made a very quick photo album with pics of our family, her little sister and our dogs along with encouraging words such as "You can do it" and "We are so proud of you."   She ended up having a really good first day at school and told me that she really liked the photo album.  She can take it out at any time when she feels it is neccesary and the teacher is also aware of it and welcomed the idea.  This could help with any age group.

My son will cry when i leave him at school and it kills me to leave him but i know he needs to stay. i hve tryed alot of things never thought about this i hope it will work. thanks for the idea
That's a great idea!
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