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Easter Story Books to Fill the Easter Baskets

Books are a wonderful gift to give during the Easter season whether you read a story before the actual holiday, or add one to a child’s Easter basket. I love to fill books in an Easter basket rather than candy!  Here are a few books that are great to read to children.  

The Runaway Bunny

First published in 1942,this story is a classic! .  Children never tire of hearing to what extreme a mother would go through in order to ‘find’ her little one; and parents never tire of reading this story to them.  Little Bunny begins the adventure by announcing to his mother that he intends to runaway.  But, no matter what Little Bunny says he will do, Mother counters with telling him how she would bring him back.  The story, with the colorful illustrations, is sure to please readers of all ages.

The Easter Bunny That Overslept

I  love this story it is very sweet! . The Easter Bunny finds himself in a bit of trouble as he overslept Easter and woke on Mothers Day! He tries as he will to deliver Easter eggs, but no one wants them. He continues to try different ploys to get his eggs delivered. Such as painting them red, white and blue for the 4th of July, but still no one wants them! Finally, he is blown to the North Pole where Santa gives him the ultimate gift- A golden alarm clock, ensuring he will never sleep late again. Vibrant colors and great detail, this book is great for all children!

The Easter Egg

The story of little Hoppi trying to decide what type of egg to make is very sweet and full of good messages. Hoppi first thinks he will copy one of the types of eggs being made by the other bunnies but then decides that he needs to make an "egg that is right for me". As he thinks about what to do he realizes he doesn't have to win the contest and that he just wants "to make an egg I am proud of." Then he selflessly sits on the mother robin's dropped but unbroken egg so that she can sit on the two that remain in her nest.


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