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Easy Barbecue Chicken Quesadillas

I saw this on Good Morning America and had to try it.  After eating these quesadillas, my husband recommended I open my own quesadilla hut.  They're really easy.  Shred some rotisserie chicken, add a few glops of barbecue sauce and mix together. Slice a few scallions, and if you like, add some canned chopped green chiles.  Mix it all together. Heat up a large skillet with some olive oil.  Add a flour tortilla to the pan. Pile on some mozzarella cheese and then add your chicken mixture.  Add some more cheese on top, if you like it super cheesy.  Then top with another quesadilla. When it looks like the cheese on the bottom is melted and the bottom quesadilla is looking toasty, then carefully flip it over.  Remove to a plate when the quesadilla is done on both sides.

Wolfgang Puck recommends serving with guacamole and salsa. My husband liked the added salsa, but I found the barbecue sauce was enough.  Also, I skipped the mayonaise step in Wolfgang's recipe.  I figured I was indulging with the cheese, why go overboard?

Yum - Thanks for the great recipe.
Once you are used to this recipe, inventing new quesadillas is a cinch. It's one of my last minute, no fuss dinners that everyone loves. Don't forget to try the cooked chicken strips by Perdue and Tyson too.
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