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Easy Christmas Centerpieces to Make with the Children...

Don’t spend money purchasing something elaborate for the holiday table this year.  Let the kids do the honors for the family.  Decorative centerpieces can be crafted from items that you already possess.  Things that you use to decorate the house each holiday can be converted to an arrangement for the family dinner table.  Gather a few things and see what you and the kids can come up with.

Here are some easy centerpiece ideas for kids to create at home or at school to bring home as a present for Mom and Dad.

Sparkling Centerpiece
Add glitz to the holiday table with a centerpiece filled with glittering objects. Choose a set of items to decorate, such as unshelled walnuts or pine cones from when you collected them in the fall.  Let the children  coat the items with silver or gold acrylic paint, and sprinkle them with glitter before the paint dries.. You can put them in a   plain glass bowl   to display.
Sugar Ice cream  Cone Tree
Help a child create a sugar cone tree centerpiece that looks good enough to eat. To begin the project, place a sugar cone upside down on a red or green paper plate. completely cover the cone with green frosting. Have the child decorate the sugar cone Christmas tree by pressing small candies, such as red hots, candy-coated chocolate morsels and gumdrops into the frosting. A long red licorice rope makes an ideal garland.

Candles Display
Candles can create a centerpiece all by themselves.  Let the kids choose candles of various sizes and colors from your collection in the house or head out to the dollar store.   Let them mix the heights and colors of the candles however they choose.   As an accent have them place colored marbles between and around the candles.  The light will sparkle off the marbles when the candles are lit, creating a pretty glow.

Glittery Ornaments

How about adding some glittery ornaments?  Shiney Red ornaments resemble large  holly berries sitting atop the Christmas  greenery.  Ornaments can be arranged in a glass bowl with small  pine cones to create a different kind of centerpiece.  

The ideas are plentiful when it comes to centerpieces for the holiday dinner table or coffee table.  Let the kids create as many as they can think of.  If you have more than you can use, give them away to friends and family to adorn their holiday tables as well.

Alana R.
Looking for crafty ideas for real wood bowling pins. I have seen them painted like animals but can't find any pictures or patterns to do this. What is a good idea for the used medicine pill containers that we all get from the pharmacy to keep them out of the landfills? Some interesting ideas to use pine cones for that are good craft ideas to sell.
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