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Easy Homemade Christmas Cards for Kids

If you are looking for some easy but beautiful Christmas cards to make with your kids this holiday season, here are 4 that you can share with family and friends.

Footprint snowman card

 One cute idea is to make snowmen out of the child's footprints for the front of the card. You could use light blue construction paper, paint the child's foot white, then press the foot on the paper, with the toes at the bottom. The child (or you if he/she is too young) will then decorate the heel of the foot as the snowman's head, add some arms and perhaps a scarf and voila - you've got a cute little footprint

Footprint Reindeer card

A second cute Christmas card idea is a Footprint Reindeer Card. Use a construction card of the color of your choice, well except brown or black. Paint the child's foot brown, then press the foot onto the paper, heel side down. Add a red nose at the tip of the heel, and antlers at the top. Don't forget to add eyes 

3-D Snowball Card

Everything is in 3-D these days so your Christmas cards can be as well.   Get a photo of your family in a throwing position.   You can add white pom poms with sticky glue  to the picture as snowballs.  Get a 8x11 picture of cardstock and add the picture.   Fun easy card to make!

Handprint Santa 

Another great idea is to make  Santa Christmas card out of your child’s hand print.  Your child’s handprint will be Santa’s beard.  Cut Santa-hat shapes  from the craft paper, then glue one onto each card. Glue a pair of googly eyes a fingertip's width below each hat.Pour white  paint onto one paper plate, and a dollop each of red, black, and pink onto another. Stamp white handprint beards, then use fingertips to stamp the trim on the hats, and a nose, mouth, and cheeks on each face. These are some fun easy ideas to do with the kids during the holiday season

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