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Easy Mother's Day Booklet

Sometimes the simplest gift ideas are the best ones.  Of course, some jewelry would be nice, but an adorable handmade booklet from your child is even better! 

Here's my booklet idea.  Create a list of six (or so) statements like "My mom makes the best..." and "I love my mom because..." and write them across the top of Large Shipping Tags (in the tag section of an office supply store).  You can also print out your statements on 2" x 4" sticker labels and stick them to your tags.  Have someone (dad, babysitter, grandma, etc) sit down with your child so that she can add her responses and illustrations. Stack and tie the tags together with a pretty piece of ribbon or scrap of fabric. This will be your favorite Mother's Day gift, I promise! You will love the answers that your child comes up with. What a great way to record your child's innermost thoughts.

Years ago, before I was even a parent, I read a little book called "The All Better Book" by Suzy Becker. It only takes about 10 minutes to read this book, and it is absolutely enchanting. This book is filled with kids' responses to some really great questions. Ever since then, my favorite projects have been ones that show what a child is thinking. It's the essence of who they are at that moment. It's like time in a bottle.

Have a wonderful Mother's Day!

Deb Manchester

Absolutely! If you do this with your class send me pictures!
Margie W.
I work in the third grade, this a great Mother's Day gift for a class project.
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