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Easy Organizing Idea

Here's an easy organizing idea that I relied on when the kids were little. Buy an accordian folder with 12 or more dividers. Decorate as desired. Label the dividers with the months. Now, every time you do a seasonal activity, craft or recipe, put it in the folder. Most importantly, write down the little details that you won't remember next year. For example, we used to always go to the same place for fireworks, but we could never remember where to park. We used to go to the same pumpkin festival, but always forgot to bring scarves and gloves. We always went to the same deli on the way to New Jersey, but always forgot what exit off 84 to take. We made the same recipe for Passover, but forgot if we preferred macintosh apples or gala. This file was a life-saver!

Sherri B.
Very good idea. I always forget how much food to order for birthday parties. I tend to get way too much, then say - next year I need to get 2 less pizzas, etc. Now I can keep track!
Courtney B.
Great idea for organizing thoughts and you can always refer back to it for memory keeping records as well.
Christina G.
Great idea. My husband and I were just talking about a recent trip to storyland and what we would do next year to make it better. I just didnt know where to write it so I would remember it. Thanks alot
Great idea...I agree, we forget those minor details that make a big difference in the end! I'm getting a folder tomorrow! :)
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