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Easy Paper Mache Piggy Bank

I was looking for a special project for my grandkids for the Easter week they're spending with me and I thought it would be fun to make a paper mache piggy bank. I looked at a number of websites and almost all of them involve using a balloon, and the comments I read were that the balloon made the project somewhat difficult for children. I stumbled upon this one which uses an empty salt or oatmeal container and only needs a few layers of newspaper and paste since the container adds heft to the pig. Now even though this recipe shapes the legs from newspaper, to make things easier you can glue small styrofoam cups to the body for the legs, the snout and cut pieces for the ears. I plan on using newspaper for the first layer, and I like the idea about padding the rear end for a better piggy shape. For the head, I'll just ball up some newspaper.  Although this website doesn't mention the cut for the coins, once it's dry I figure I can just use an exacto knife. Also, once it's painted, I plan to spray it with a shiny varnish. This should be a fun project that will keep them busy for several days, and they can go home with a new bank, perhaps holding a few coins.

JoAnn P.
Wow, what a great looking piggy bank at that site. Looks like fun. Hope I can make one that nice!
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