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Easy Play Dough Recipe

Here is a simple recipe for play dough that we make at home.  This is always supervised by an adult, since we use the stove.

Simple Play Dough:

2 c flour, 1 c salt, 4 t cream of tartar, 2 c water, 2 T salad oil, and food coloring : 

Mix all ingredients in sauce pan and cook over medium heat, stirring frequently until a soft ball forms.  Make sure you stir frequently to avoid burning the mixture.  Knead for a few minutes in a zip lock baggie mixed with your favorite color of food coloring (the color should be mixed throughout and the dough should be smooth).  Store in an airtight container.  

We use smooth cups as rolling pins and our cookie cutters to cut out shapes.  Hope you enjoy this as much as we do!

I just made a similar recipe, which called for adding the food coloring and whisking the mixture to remove lumps before cooking, then cooking and stirring on medium heat. Once it cools, you can knead it out (and knead in glitter, which was a hit). A teacher in my daughter's day care gave this to me. It was fantastic.
Jane H.
Playdough is such an important part of preschool. I have worked in a preschool classroom for 18 years and prefer to use homemade playdough. This is an awesome recipe.
Good suggestion; we have tried it, but when my kids see addition of any foods they like (peanut butter or especially kool-aid) they tend to want to eat it or lick it! I try to make it as a family craft, but maybe I will try that if I ever make play dough when they aren't around
Maureen E.
This is a nice recipe but I add a package of unsweetened Koolaid for color and fragrance. The grandkids love the smell.
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