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Easy-to-Design Holiday Cards with multiple family...

Wishing this Christmas you could add more than one photo for your holiday card?  Having a hard time selecting "the one picture"? Will it have your kids but not your other children-the 4 legged,furry ones? How about the family vacation picture or the one building the snowman? If you're like me, there's no time (or money) for purchasing and setting up a tripod to take that family photo. But a variety of pictures throughout the year sounds like a great idea...

The holiday season is a great way to catch up with friends and family by letting your single holiday card tell your year-long, adventure-filled story. VistaPrint ( is my FAVE and only printing source for holiday cards and more.  This year they added the "collage"  feature (thank you Santa!) which lets you add up to 6 pictures for holiday and any other cards.  Choose from a flat 4 x 8 inch postcard or a traditional folded card. No software is needed. You just pick the design, upload your photos and pick how you want them displayed.  It's so easy! You do have to order them but the quality is great.  Save yourself the nerve- fraying journey to the portrait studio with the kids, pets, grandparents.  Take separate candid pictures and create your own collage card! If babies and toddlers are a gamble on whether the fussy monster will emerge, can you imagine getting cats to pose! This solved my problem.

Another great offer is VistaPrint's FREE products.  The first tab on the web page offers several Free products like business cards and rubber stamps so you can test them out. You pick the design and content and voila.  I have used VistaPrint for my business cards, all my holiday cards and invitations.  You don't have to be a graphic design guru.

Happy Designing!

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