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easy way to organize those odds and ends in your...

In the summertime, we are always going outside and with two young kids who just want to get out the door ASAP, I was tired of always rummaging through the beach bags trying to find the sunscreen, their hats, sunglasses and flip flops etc.  You get the idea.  My solution for a quick grab and go was I hung one of those over the door plastic shoe organizers inside the door so I have easy access to these summer items.  I use the clear ones so I can see exactly where everything is and even my 4 year old can help herself to her own stuff since she knows exactly where they are.  This makes getting out the door so much faster and it is also easy for my babysitter to know where things are.  The best thing too is that once summer is over, I can store all the summer items away and use this for the fall/winter items such as gloves, mittens, winter hats etc.   

I'm a professional organizer and recommend my clients use those pocket shoe organizers for many things...they are so versatile. Use them for storing arts and crafts supplies, gardening gear, belts and accessories, first aid stuff, small tools, etc. I use one on the inside of my bathroom door for storing toiletries and my hair dryer instead of a medicine cabinet. My husband loves that he can easily find what he's looking for at a glance. I even saw someone using one as a planter for herbs! Love them!
I use the shoe rack idea in my pantry. I store loose type items in it. Such as, gravy mixes. cake decorating bottles and tubes of frostings, cips for bags, cup cake wrappers, individual Crystal Light tubes, cookie cutters and the items go on and on...
I have two of these. One for the summer stuff and the other for the winter. I just take the out of season one down and store away and put up the in-season one
Raksha P.
Great idea!!
Sonya S.
Love it!
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