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Eco-friendly Storage & Decoration: Bamboo

Bamboo Storage Boxes are stylish and easy on the environment

I love decorating my home with bamboo products, from mail organizers to boxes. Bamboo storage containers are pretty and eco-friendly. Their soft interior makes for a great way to keep all your items safe and secure.

The Container Store makes many storage containers, but the bamboo boxes are especially good for storing delicate items like scarves, hosiery, and hats. Another friendly detail is its Velcro closure. You can find such boxes in large or small sizes.

Stack them so they double as an interior design feature in your home. Or place them on shelves for an eye-catching look.

A Bamboo Lattice Storage Stool

This bamboo lattice storage stool is so cool. The container has a lid, so it is versatile. While it doubles as a stool, it’s also a great way to hold lovely linens. Stow pillowcases, hand towels, cloth napkins and more. You can also use it for kids’ toys, too.


Situate it in your bathroom and it becomes a laundry-basket or a holder for anything from toiletries and shampoo bottles to toilet paper rolls and hairdryers.

Eco stats on bamboo

Bamboo is a woody perennial evergreen plant in the grass family. There’s giant bamboo, that is the largest member of the grass family. Bamboo is the fastest growing woody plant in the world. Since it grows so fast, this allows bamboo to be harvested in three to five years, far more often than the 10 to 20 year harvest cycle of most softwoods.


Unlike the environmental damage caused by the deforestation of trees, proper harvesting of bamboo leaves the root system intact, creating little or no topsoil disruption. This renewable, sustainable resource produces 35% more oxygen than its equivalent in tress while reducing carbon dioxide gas that is blamed for global warming.

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