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Egyptian Related Exibitions in the San Francisco...

I still remember studying the Egyptian History in 6th grade in France and it started a life long love of the Egyptian culture. Egyptian artifacts and treasures can be found worldwide: the Rosetta Stone at the British Museum in London, the Scribe  and the Obelisk at the Concord Square in Paris, the Temple of Debod in Madrid, Spain etc. We are lucky to have some of them in the Bay Area. If you have a 6th grader who is studying Ancient Egypt History, it is even more important to visit one of these museums or exhibitions now. But whatever the age of your children is, I bet you they will be interested in that civilization..

So here is my list of Egyptian exhibitions/museums to see in the Bay Area:

Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum in San Jose
Tutankhamun and the golden age of the Pharaohs in San Francisco
Very Postmortem: Mummies and Medicine in San Francisco
The Lost Cities of North Africa in San Francisco
Cantor Museum in Stanford
Virtual Egyptian Museum

Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum, San Jose

This museum houses the largest collection of Egyptian artifacts in the Western United States: 4000 pieces. You will see artifacts and learn about the burial practices, the mummies, the religion and the Gods, the kings and Pharaohs as well as the daily life of the Egyptians.

They offer MP3 audio tour so make sure that you download your tour before going to the museum. Download the entire audio tour here.

It will be open on Veterans Day, Wednesday, November 11 so make it a family outing. I am taking my children to visit this museum that day.

Tutankhamun and the golden age of the Pharaohs, de Young Museum, San Francisco
Till March 28, 2010                 

You will see more than 100 artifacts from his tomb as well as artifacts that belonged to his family and ancestors. I loved seeing the King Tut exhibition when I was in London last year and I am thrilled that the exhibition is now in San Francisco. I will visit it with my oldest daughter’s core class on November 19th. Talk about an exciting nice field trip!

Know before you go:
- It is a great exhibition but you will not learn from it. You have to go there with your knowledge and admire. If you go with children, make sure that they know what to expect, that you know a minimum about Egypt and Tutankhamun to be able to answer their questions. You can borrow books from the library or rent DVDs that will help you get a better knowledge of Tutankhamun. You can also check the website of the Exhibition, it is full of information.
- The Gold Mask and the Mummy are not part of the exhibition, they are in Egypt and do not travel.
- Do NOT take the audio tour, I did in London and I was disappointed. It was not informative at all.
- It is a timed entry exhibition, buy your tickets in advance. In my case, in London, I just showed up and got tickets right away, it was July but the exhibition had been going for a while so the rush was gone. But you can never know.
- My tips to get reduced price tickets: deYoung membership will give you access to a reduced price, Friday evening reservations and Borders cards holders. Click here for details. Costco sells some tickets in their stores.
- Be prepared for a shock at the gift shop, in London, they had everything made out with King Tut face on it: very tacky.

Discover the rest of the Egyptian exhibitions in the Bay Area, click here

Lydie Thomas is a Travel Whisperer and mother of two little avid travelers. She is sharing her tips and tricks on visiting the San Francisco Bay Area with children. She also loves to share her French culture and tips on vacationing in France with little ones. Subscribe to her blog or follow her on twitter @lydiethomas or on Kindle.

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