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Encouraging Children to Say NO to Unhealthy Food...

With High Fructose Corn Syrup, Artificial Coloring, MSG, and the like, I needed to decide how I was going to feed my children.  It was clear that I didn't want to give them substandard food and it was also clear this battle wasn't going to be easy or cheap.  (The financial challenges are best saved for another tip).  However, the challenge to help my children understand why we don't eat Fruit Loops, or Rice Krispies is the topic of this tip. 

At age 3, I started to explain the idea of "bad ingredients" to my oldest son.  If he ate foods with bad stuff in it, he might get sick.  This is why mommy and daddy read the labels and decide whether or not it is good ingredients.  

This idea has stuck and to this day, my son now 6 will ask if it has good ingredients in it.  They always ask if there is high fructose corn syrup in it as well.  They know then when they eat foods with these bad ingredients they have gotten sick, or have had bad behaviour.  They don't want to feel bad so they are more cautious when offered items they are unfamiliar with.  

I do admit it has started to become more challenging with the commercial ads and friend influence, but I just reinforce the goals of healthy food choices.  I also now introduce the idea of the food having chemicals in it.  Things that God did not make for us to eat.  This idea is now gaining merit.  

Healthy Eating!

This is a great tip, something that I will definetely try with my son. I am always trying to get him to eat healthy. It is not an easy job these days.
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