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Energy Efficient Appliances - A Way To Drive Down...

Energy efficient appliances are advertised everywhere you go now. How do you decide which is the best for you? The grandaddy of all appliance raters is the United States Protection Agency's Energy Star rating. In order to get this rating each manufacturer's appliance must meet strict guidelines to achieve this rating.

An interesting note is that an Energy Star refrigerator uses about 50% of the energy of a refrigerator manufactured in 1993. Also, Energy Star qualified refrigerator models use at least 20% less energy than required by current federal standards and 40% less energy that comparable models sold as late as 2001.

Since the refrigerator is the single most energy consuming appliance in the house (after air-conditioning), it is important that you consider the energy costs in your area, the cost of the appliance, how energy efficient the unit is and this will determine what your payback is. The Department of Energy does have a spreadsheet in which you can plug-in all of your data and the result is your payback in years for a new applicance.

If you are considering the purchase of a new refrigerator do strongly consider one that will be energy efficient and Energy Star rated. Some additional items to consider in the use of your refrigerator to save energy immediately:

  • Position your refrigerator away from a heat source such as an oven, range, dishwasher or direct light from a window.
  • Keep adequate space and ventilation behind the refrigetor for the refrigeration coils. Also check the coils often and keep them clean.
  • Make sure your refrigerator door seals tightly.
  • Keep temperature in the refrigerator between 35 and 38 degrees and your freezer a 0 degrees F.
  • Minimize the time your refrigerator door is open. Sit down with your kids and teach them the importance of time the doors should stay open.
  • Recycly your old and second refrigerators.

Some units to consider would be:

  • lg refrigerators
  • whirlpool refrigerators
  • GE monogram

  • For additional green and eco-friendly green tips visit my blog at lilgreendress.
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