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Every Family Needs a Reaching Tool

A few months ago I spent $10 on a tool that has made life so much easier!  In our household, we call it "the grabber," but it's actually called "The Gopher," as seen on TV, or generically, it's a "reaching tool."

I bought it after my brother-in-law showed his to us at the beach, where he was using the reaching tool to pick up trash to make the place cleaner and nicer.  I thought I would like to teach my children to pick up trash in our city, or even pick up empty water bottles and cans with it and then donate the money we earned by recycling them.  The first time we used it outside was the day after Halloween, and we picked up candy wrappers off the ground in our neighborhood, without touching any of it.  You just grab it up with the grabber and release the trigger to drop it in a trash bag.

Then I started using it  inside our house.  We all know how fun it is to bend down and pick up things when we're very, very pregnant...not fun!  Use the reaching tool.

Then I had the baby, and I was terrified to bend down for fear that my stitches would break or something.  I used the grabber to get anything I dropped.  While I was walking the halls with the baby in my arms to get her to sleep, I was able to multitask and pick up after my preschooler and toddler using the grabber while I walked the baby to sleep.

It also makes it more fun for the kids to clean up.  It's difficult to find ways to get kids interested in picking up their own stuff, but they beg to be able to use the grabber.

I think they usually market this reaching tool at the elderly, but they should be gearing it towards families with young children! 

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