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Excellent Kitchen Wares Shop

If you like an extensive selection of affordable kitchen gadgets, then this is the site for you. They offer virtually any type of kitchen gadget you can possibly need, at the most affordable prices. I found them when I was looking for another flessenlikker, which is the best bottle scraper I have ever used. This little guy is perfect for getting the last teaspoon of mayonnaise, jam, or whatever, out of the bottom of the bottle. They're all out of them right now (sorry), but you might see something else that appeals to you. They offer a lot of Danish cooking utensils, such as Aebbleskiver pans and so on, if you enjoy making those kids of cakes. (They offer a recipe on the website in case you're interested.) There's also a nice selection of cookie cutters including holiday shapes. The nice thing about this site is they also offer instructions on how to use the various thing they sell. For instance, not only do they tell you how to use pastry bags, they also tell you how to clean them.

BTW, if you want to see the scraper I mentioned, scroll down in their listing of scrapers until you come the flexible rounded scraper. It's directly under that. Number 97551.

Andrea M.
Great site!!!
JoAnn P.
You have to look for specific types, for example fry pans copper, omelet, and such. Or casseroles, cast iron pans, and double boilers. I know, it seems like they should have a category called pots and pans, but I guess they think people are more interested in individual items rather than sets.
Can't find pots and pans. Help?
Yes, anything you can think of for the kitchen is there. Awesome site!! Thanks for posting! :)
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