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The escape room involves a team of players who are put in a dramatic situation to be overcome within 60 minutes by solving puzzles and completing tasks. They are a kind of activity that is gaming reality. Puzzles- unearth hints, and jigsaw puzzles, and solve them. Pay attention to the details and think before you act. Teamwork-close collaboration and clear communication between the team are key to completing a game in the escape room. Escape- you’ve got 60 minutes to clear a path through the puzzles solve the situation, and break out of the room.


One of the most mind-thrilling escape rooms is Zombie escapes, a year after the apocalypse of Zombie; you stumble upon a tool shed. Looking for supplies, you enter a Zombie lair.


Valentine massacre is another exciting escape room genre. A small town is looking forward to Valentine’s day. Murder and mysteries have got the best of them. But not this time! You and your mates have decided to solve the mystery and help everyone out. Henry, the sole survivor, has been sent to an asylum. A murderer stalks the town. Is Henry back to take up his deadly campaign with a new murder? Can you find the gunman in time, or will you be the next victim?


Welcome to the finishing school at monsters! You have completed the preparation and are now eligible for your final test. You have one hour to conquer the mess of space for an 11-year-old. What are you going to find Below the bed skirt?


Designed for children between the ages of 8 and 13 to play independently without guardians. A game moderator will be in the space to provide tips on keeping the game on track for a joyous escape. The goal is to escape from the place. Great to have birthday parties. They have a rentable party room ready to start the party of pizza and cake.


Under mysterious circumstances, Mr. Shourik Sen was found dead in his living room. The bewildered cops are calling on your team, the best detective to solve the death—the time to take it to unleash your inner detective and bring justice to the dead.


Diya, a six-year-old girl, has been kidnapped and placed in a hideout as the only daughter of a wealthy diamond merchant. Fearing the safety of Diya, the parents involve the best cops in town. You guys have to rescue her! Can you achieve your mission in just 60 nail-biting minutes before a time bomb explodes?


You become a part of the CIA specialized delta force that has been charged with capturing agent Emiley and fulfilling the mission. Figure out the mystery behind the death and abduction from a classified mental asylum of several high-profile psychopaths. Can you solve the mystery behind the disappearances in 60 minutes?


Tripura’s prosperous kingdom is now hit by famine, and its subject is on the brink of death. A wise sage admits in a mystery the presence of vast amounts of wealth. Hearing this, King is sending out words to find the most intelligent children to discover the treasure and save their subjects! It’s time to embark on a lifetime adventure now!


Could you rob the Royal Bank of Rajasthan(RBR) headquarters IronClad Safe and snatch their old gold bars worth cores! You have just one window of opportunity, and now it’s the time! Have you got the guts and the intellect to pull the dream lifetime heist?


You are a community of investigative journalists in Barmer, Rajasthan, investigating four local police officers’ suspicious death. You’ve been tipped off finding answers in an abandoned army war room. You’re braving yourself to visit the place, but now you’re stuck in! Can you solve the puzzle and escape less than 60 minutes before the Oxygen runs out?


You are a world-famous archeologist who finds artifacts dating back to 2300BCE, establishing legitimacy for an ancient Egyptian narrative: Nefreko threatened his uncle, Pharoah Zurin, to take over the throne. You must find the abandoned tomb and make history! Will you ward off the dark forces, execute the golden rite, or fall for the Pharaoh’s curse before the location is permanently destroyed?


While preparing for a birthday places in bangalore, the Breakout Escape room start popping up in their mind. The very essence of a birthday party is surprises and excitement! Escape Room/Mystery room have all the essential ingredients – wonders, excitement, and mysteries, the true meaning of a grand Birthday celebration! Age is no bar when it comes to fun! The activities are lined up for everyone! Your day shall be replete with joy and a ton of excitement, making it a truly memorable one for years to come.


People are tired of their chaotic daily lives, to restore their bodies and minds broken by the demands and deadlines. The majority of the people love their life counting the days, waiting for the weekend to come. In this harsh environment, they have to spend a little time blocking everything out and caring for their personal needs.

There are occasions when hectic and exhausting corporate life can be taxing, so work venues and team trips in Bangalore and fun are essential! Haven’t you been longing for a break, a breakout from your office routine! Getting relieved of a day’s obligation and goals, working together with their friends lets you revive stress.

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