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Extraordinary Uses for Aluminum Foil

Since the grandkids are coming for the weekend and we've still got a bit of warm weather, I told them we would have a bar-b-que one last time before winter. In preparation I made a drip pan out of the aluminum so that when I put the meat on the grill the fat won't drip on the coals. Anyway, I started thinking there must be other uses for aluminum foil. Once again I turned to the google and found this link. I can't believe all the great suggestions here.

One of the more clever ones was if you're traveling, wrap a cheese sandwich in foil, and if you check late into a hotel and don't want to eat vending food, use the hotel room iron to press it for a kind of grilled cheese sandwich. This seemed like a fun idea for the kids, even if the restaurant was open. Iron a sandwich! Hey, it might be fun, even at home. Another excellent suggestion is to create a sun box for your plants.We've got some herbs in the window and they always bend toward the light. All you need to do is line three side of a box with the aluminum foil to bathe your plant in light from all sides. Another great idea is to put a lining of the aluminum foil under your ironing pad cover because the foil will reflect the heat back through the clothing, smoothing wrinkles quicker. And I'd never considered using foil as a funnel. So many of these tips seems so obvious, but they'd never crossed my mind.

Trisha H.
I always line the bottom of my oven ( while cool of course) with foil. It takes two strips. With spillage, drippings, splatter, etc. --------- I simply remove the foil , disgard, and replace. This too reflects heat and helps "EVEN" the bottom ( as you stated referencing the ironing board. Trisha H. Ennis, Texas
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