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Fabulous FruitaBu Organic Fruit Snacks

I've been looking for healthy lunchbox options and a friend told me about FruitaBu Organic Fruit Twirls. My kids love them. They look like fruit by the foot, but with much better ingredients and no added sugar. Each twirl has one serving of organic fruit in them! The twirls come in grape, strawberry and apple. They also have Fruit Flats - like fruit leather - in apple, peach, grape, raspberry and strawberry. They tend to retail for $3.99 for a box of 6 - but I've found them much cheaper on sale at the grocery stores and at Target. And if you're a die hard online shopper like me, you can find them at Amazon and too. The apple twirls have the following ingredients: organic apple puree concentrate, organic apple juice concentrate, organic white grape juice concentrate, organic apple, organic palm fruit oil, citrus pectin, citric acid, natural apple flavor, sodium citrate, acerola cherry extract & soy lectin. Try them out - they are great!

Lisa H.
Hey - I think I know where you found these! they are great for the lunchbox!
Pamela C.
Target brand Archer Farms also has these - Fruit Strips and Fruit Bars. Both my 5 yo and 18 mo old LOVE them.
Just bought a box at Target today for $2.99! My daughter and I both love FruitaBu!
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