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Family Affairs & Keeping in Touch

My family all live in Australia so it is easy to get distracted with everyday living and forget to keep in touch with those of your family is not in your sight.

My family have taken to writing letter and sending them by mail the letters that they write are more like a journal of their day to day activities. For example my sister's last letter started with Today is Tuesday and it is raining so I am going to start writing to you while I have breakfast then continue on throughout her day and into the next day with stories of what happened to her during the day. Keeping in touch this way you can imagine what is going on in their life and stop from drifting apart due to distance.

The other way we keep in touch is via msn and click on make a phone call you have to have a headphone that has the capablities of a microphone so you can talk to each other and not run up your phone bill the headphones are cheap enough the only thing is the calls are limited so you can get cut off sometimes.

I find that with email it is good but you have to be at a computer to write where as with writing a letter you can go sit in the park or even put some paper into your bag and write when you get a thought.

The art of Letter writing should be brought back especially when you live away from your family

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