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Family Time

Too many children today are raised by society. They watch television and think that is how life is supposed to be. They think opportunities fall out of the sky and people fall in love in two hours or less. Then, parents wonder what they did wrong.

                Any first time parent has a game plan of what to and what not to do. But life happens and the plan is modified. Television is used to occupy time while last minute errands and chores are done. Computers have taken over as extra-curricular activities, but have almost become harder to monitor than television.

                Now is the time to stop and look at your daily routine. How much of your day is spent talking with your children? When is the last time you had a “Daddy-daughter” date?

                Most people will say that their family time is spent wisely and their relationships with their children are fairly strong.  But, there is never a limit to how much time you can spend with your children. Yes, they need their freedom, space, and time with friends, but time with parents is what makes them grow.

                Adapt to your children. If all they want to do is play video games, play with them. I’m sure they will not mind winning a few times. If your child plays an instrument, learn one also. Practice together, or even write a song together. Find common down time activities to share. Watch television together or do a crossword puzzle together.

                One easy trick to getting to know your kids is a wish list. You can go online to popular stores like or and register for free wish lists. This will help your children pick items they like and you can make sure you are getting the gifts they actually want. This will help you to peek into their world a little so you can possibly get them something that fits their personality, which may not be on the list. This will make them feel that you truly understand them and you can think at the same level as them.

                Still to this day, the most effective way to connect with your children is talking to them. This can never be said enough. Of course they will not tell you everything that is going on in their lives, but the more you talk, the more you connect. The more you ask, the more willingly they open up.

                Having a close family is important, no matter what age the children are. Keep in mind that you can replace a job, house or car, but you can not reclaim the opportunities you could miss if you do not try. You only get one chance to raise your children.

Don't forget to include extended family- nothing better than adding aunts and uncles and cousins to the mix.
Amanda B.
Legos! legos are a wonderful way to spend time with your kids. well, we use mega blocks because we're 5 and under here. But we always have a good time. we get the blocks out, strew them around the living room and see who can build the biggest (tallest, longest, whatever!) "house". Recently we've been buying g.i. joes and star wars figures for our son and building them forts and bases. My 3 year old daughter loves it too because she gets her little people and ponies out. Epic battle!
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