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Fantastic Free Folding Paper Toys

Here is a great site I stumbled across that offers free printable folding paper toys that you can make with your kids. The author/host, Marilyn Scott-Waters, of the website has an extensive background in elementary education as well as numerous publications. Her goal of the website is to offer a fun way for parents and kids to spend time making things together. The site is divided into categories, such as "otters" and there you can download printable pdfs of Charles and Brook Otter paper cutouts as well as the outfits to put on them. These outfits match a storybook which also has cutouts as the otters move through the story.
If you click on free toys you are given a large selection of various types of paper constructions, such as finger puppets, butterflies, baskets and cards. All downloadable and with instructions on how to glue the pieces together. The nice part is you can print it either in color or in a format that allows you to color it anyway you want. This is a great activity for your children. There are math and learning toys, toys that move, and if you feel like watching a movie, you can even print out the theater tickets and a bag for the popcorn. The artwork for everything is whimsical and bright.
There is a template to make koi fish kites that would look great with some colorful tissue paper. And the spinners would be a fun thing to make at a party. All the instructions are very clear and easy to follow.

Ronda L.
This is a wonderful website. There are many activities to do with children. We are going to use them with our special needs kids. Fun and free! You can't beat that.
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