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Fears at Night

A lot of children have fears at night, the monster under the bed, or in the closet. My 4 year old son was scared to be alone in his room at night, but couldn't say what exactly he was scared of. We (My husband and I ) tried to talk to him about his fears, but he just kept saying he doesn't know what he was scared of . We decided to help him overcome his fear instead of staying with him until he fell asleep because we were worried that he would become too dependant on our presence in the room with him, we also felt that he needed a confidence boost. We had a slight problem though because we couldn't shew away the monsters, cause their weren't any

So we came up with an idea of a game to play with him before he got in to bed. We played that he was an "all mighty sorcerer", and that he had special powers. We made up a rhyme and added hand gestures so he could cast a spell while standing on his bed before he lay down to sleep. The spell was to make all scary things disappear.

He loved the Idea of the game and the power and it helped him overcome his fears and fall asleep. After a few nights he didn't need to say the spell any more to fall asleep and he has stopped feeling scared at night ever since. 


We did practically the same thing when our children (now 24 & 30 yrs) had their bedtime fears. We just added another small twist to the empowerment. I found a small spritzer bottle and filled it with diluted peppermint extract as that seemed to be their favorite scent. The nightly ritual lasted about a week and then the fears wre banished forever!
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