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Feed Your Family for $35 a Week

Budget Meal Planning!  It's a good idea.  How about feeding your family for only $35 a week?  If you're like me, you may be tired of spending $150 at the grocery store each week.  That's when I gave myself a challenge to feed my family for onl y $35 a week.  I found out; it can be done!  Here are three simple steps to budget meal planning.

Step 1:  Choose a Bottom Line.  Have a low spending goal is the key to budget meal planning.   When you choose your budget goal, your mind will look for ways to problem solve to reach that goal.

Step 2: Choose a Shopping Strategy that saves Money.  Go to a deep discount grocery store such as your local market, an Aldi or Save-a-Lot.  Another way to save big at stores is to clip coupons and combine them will sales.  (Coupon clipping does take more time and organzation.) 

Step 3:  Plan Budget Meals.  In a notebook choose at least five dinners for the week leaving room for left-overs and dinner out.  Begin by choosing low-cost proteins such as beans, eggs, cheese, chicken, ground beef and another favorite.  Plan your dinners around these low-cost proteins.  Meals can be low on cost but high on flavor by using lots of great spices.   After planning "what's for dinner", add one dessert and BLS (Breakfast, Lunch and Snack Ideas).  Tip!  Make a double batch of soup for Monday Night Dinner and the left-overs become a healthy and inexpensive lunch.

For more tips on budget meal planning or to view "Renee's Gourmet on $35 a Week" go to Renee's Joy Journey Blog.

This really motivates me! Thanks. Back to Aldi I go. I like the blog you've linked to, as well. Thanks.
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