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Fencing at Boston Fencing Club, a Great Alternative...

Want to start your kids doing something EXCITING and HEALTHY at the same time? do you want to do it with them? In my opinion fencing is a sport increasingly growing in popularity and appreciation.  

It combines physical activity with an intellectual component [ie: nicknamed physical chess] and helps children learn self control at the same time. It will wear them out for sleeping too!  The best part is that you can do it with them if you want.  No age is too old. My sister's boss started in his 50's with his son, and there are many,many older parents doing it with their kids.

Both my kids have fenced for years [15 & 12].  My son had a natural inclination to 'play with swords' from a love of medieval movies and books. my daughter just followed along to keep up, and developed the love. Anyone one can fence, but it is especially esteem building for  kids that think they can't play sports or don't think they have the coordination. Mine had no aptitude for soccer, baseball and team sports and often felt poorly in elementary school about that. Individual sports can validate them and make them feel good about themselves. 

Its is a very safe activity too, the tips aren't sharp and simply depress like a button.  There are many age groups to start with, even little kids have a ball in Fence for Fun, and can't wait to grow into the other classes.  The environment is healthy and safe, and a positive influence on your children.  there is no inappropriate language, or conversation you would not want your kids to hear.  These are the very best of kids to have your child role model!

the classes are always fun, and the warm up employs various games to get the athletes ready. It reminds me alot of the oldd 'wax on, wax off' lessons from the Karate Kid. They just don't realize all they are learning.  Boston fencing has New Englands best coaches as well, and many national and olympic athletes.  The web site has alot more information, but i think this is what parents should know!

Rose F.
Fencing is a life long sport that can be started at any age. Kids can fence for fun or eventually compete in tournaments if they choose. As a parent in the Boston Fencing Club community for several years, these kids have fun, learn a lot and have a strong camaraderie with other fencers of all ages. Many of the more experienced students love to work with the younger ones. There are not many sports where age and size are less of an issue than ability and still have fun!
Great my husband has been looking for somethign like this
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