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Fiber One White Bread is Great

If you are looking to increase your fiber intake you should definitely try Fiber One's Country White Bread.  You would never even know that there was fiber in it!  Funnily, their slogan is "Cardboard?  No!  Delicious?  Yes!".  And that about sums it up. 

There are lots of products out there that kind of taste like you are chewing on cardboard, but I am telling you that you will be very happy with Fiber One's Country White variety.  You can feel better about your child having a sandwich on white bread now!  Why?

Each slice packs a full 6 grams of fiber which is 24% of your daily fiber need, so just one sandwich covers half your daily fiber need.  Glorious!  And that's vs. the ~1 gram found in most white bread varieties.  Learn more about the Benefits of Fiber in your diet.

Not all stores carry Fiber One breads yet - and then some carry only certain varieties.  You need only to ask at the service counter to see if they will consider carrying it.  Fiber seems to be the new trend for health.  I am so pleased that we discovered Fiber One!

Now, I am not saying that all Fiber One products are this fantastic.  They have everything from granola bars and pop tarts to cereal.  You'll have to sample those on your own.  I do really like and recommend this bread though!

Net time you are shopping, start checking the labels for Fiber content.  You may notice that other brands (Quaker, Kelloggs) are coming out with "fiber rich" versions of their products now too.

Bina V.
Too bad, has High Fructose Corn syrup...
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