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Field Trip Factory-plan Activies for School or...

Are you a school  teacher, a cub scout or girl scout leader and looking for ideas to take kids for a field trip? Field Trip Factory is a great place to find out where local business allow children groups to come in based on age and grade level.

Some examples include

Pet Store visit

 Use children's love of animals and natural curiosity about critters to teach them lessons in geography, math and science. Trained tour leaders will introduce your children to the characteristics of birds, reptiles, fish and animals from all over the world. Through all five senses, trip participants will develop an understanding of:

  • Proper care and respect for animals
  • Diverse habitats
  • Environmental issues and species survival

Grocery store visit

Your group will gain a better understanding of the foods they eat, and develop an appreciation for some foods they don’t eat, but probably should! In a real-life grocery shopping environment, your students will learn:

  • How to interpret shelf labels to discover the nutritional value of foods
  • The importance of the five food groups
  • How food fuels the body for a healthy lifestyle
  • How to create well-balanced meals
 Field Trip Factory also has classroom activities to build upon the learnings from the field trip location.
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Gina E.
Everytime i find something i am interested it is always from you, i appreciate all your helpful info you put up!! We must think alike!
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