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Find And Listen to Any Song - Music Online

Have you ever thought of a song and wished you could listen to it right there and then?  This free and easy site allows you to listen to any song online.  

Type in the name of the song and several versions of it will pop up.  Then, just click and listen.  You may be surprised by all the versions of a song that are out there. 

Try it out next time a favorite song comes to mind, if you can't quite remember the lyrics to a song or if you're just curious!                   

Kody L.
This website is sooooo cool!!!
Linda V.
This is an amazing website. Now I can hear some of my favorites again.
Susan T.
Susan Thor finally got on. Mozilla Firefox will not let me on but Internet Explorer will. I love the site. Thanks so much.
Nancy W.
I asked to hear one song and they listed at least 20 different versions of the song by the original artist, VERY COOL! Nancy W.
Lesley B.
I personall think that projectplaylist is a little better than this website. Check it out and make your own decision
Interesting. It's worked for me everytime by just using the search link.
Robin M.
The Search link may not work because the site is still in beta testing. However, if you click on the URL again, you get to the main page and can type in a new song.
I'm glad it worked for you Dee-El. Thanks! Hopefully it was just a fluke when it didn't work for Susan T.
Dee-El D.
It worked for me.
That's strange. I tried it before and just tried it again on multiple songs and it worked fine! The first song came up and I could listen to it. There was a place to the left to enter another song name. I put in another song name and pushed enter on the keyboard and it brought up that song and I was able to listen to it.
Susan T.
I got the site up once and played a song. I wanted to play more but now can't. Now the site won't load. What is wrong?
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