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Fireworks for the Fourth from Family Fun

This is a cool idea from Family Fun that we tried and it worked really well. Family Fun used this technique for making t-shirts with fabric paint, and there is a video demonstration that is helpful. I thought it would make neat paintings:

First make the stamp: Take four pipe cleaners (chenille ones work best because they hold the most paint), bunch them together evenly, pinch them in the middle and fold them in half, and twist the bend ends together a few times. This will form a loop for you to hold the stamp. Then pull the eight tips up and spread them out evenly so you have an eight-pointed asterisk.

Now put some paint into a paper plate, and then stamp onto paper, turning the stamp around for a full firework effect. For the paintings we used red and blue tempura paint on white paper, and red, white and blue paint on black paper. We also made the t-shirts using fabric paint and they look great, too. Have fun!

Carmela F.
We made these shirts last year and they came out wicked cute! We used sparkly fabric paints for added effect. You could also use pretty colors and make them into flowers on white tees. Just add stems with paint.
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